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In Modern Designs, the utilization of neutral colours is a staple. This modern design uses neutral (basic) colours from different hues to create a timeless, classic design. This design’s true beauty is that it is compatible with any accent colours, and you never have to worry about colour clashing. The designer uses Oceanic blue as the accent colour for the accessories as blue is known for its calming effect.


Products In The Room

Layout Plan

Designer Tips

The accent colour of this design could be chosen in 2 ways.

  1. If you are going for a quiet look, continue with the design flow and decorate with soft, neutral colours.
  2. If you want to express yourself, the neutral background is an ideal canvas for dramatic accents that pop.

Bundle Dimensions

  • 30 sqft: 6ft (Length) x 5ft (Width) x 9ft (Height)
  • 48 sqft: 8ft (Length) x 6ft (Width) x 9ft (Height)

Kian Loong

XYZ Interior Design Firm