Minimal Bareness (裸色系)

Nude, a colour that sits between brown and white tones, is the primary colour theme of this design. The utilization of different shades of nude creates depth and texture. This enhances the space to not only look warmer but also adds a layer of sophistication to the overall ambience. If you are looking for a guest bathroom design, look no further as this design creates a genuine and welcoming atmosphere.


Products In The Room

  • Sands Bone 30 x 60 cm

    By Brand: Guocera

  • Layout Plan

    Designer Tips

    • Warm, natural colours like nude pairs perfectly with metallics such as rose gold, copper, and satin nickel; Together, they form a story that is vibrant yet tranquil.
    • Nude is one of the few colours that complement gold. Thus, using gold for accent colours enhances the space with a luxurious feel.
    • If you crave an occasional colour pop, a splash of cool colours like oceanic blue glass or leafy green will fit right with the natural vibe.

    Bundle Dimensions

    • Small: 6 ft (Length) x 5 ft (Width) x 9 ft (Height)
    • Large: 8 ft (Length) x 6 ft (Width) x 9 ft (Height)

    Kian Loong

    XYZ Interior Design Firm