Modern Boldness

Grey and white colour schemes are a classic combination used in the bathroom as they score well in style points and is easy to accessorize. The combination allows huge flexibility (as grey matches with other shades of grey) and doesn’t outshine your decor and accessories. Bathrooms are often used as a space for recuperation and rejuvenation of the mind and soul. With that idea in mind, our designer utilizes the classic combination with a hint of wooden tone and warm lighting to create a calming environment to melt your stress away. If you are prone to daily stresses, this would be an ideal bathroom for you to rest your mind and heal your soul.


Products In The Room

Layout Plan

Designer on a Budget:

Did you know that you can replicate the functionality of a bathtub using tiles at a fraction of a cost?

Bundle Dimensions

  • Small: 6 ft (Length) x 5 ft (Width) x 9 ft (Height)
  • Large: 6 ft (Length) x 5 ft (Width) x 9 ft (Height)

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