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The Minimalist

This Grey-on-Grey contemporary design style creates a sophisticated and expensive feel. The open space of the design with the clean sleek lines avoids the feeling of confinement. This design uses dark wood for its accessories which further enhances the overall luxury vibe. If you are a minimalist looking for a sophisticated and timeless style, this is the design for you!

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Concept Details

Layout Plan

Designer Tips:

  • Ambient lighting with a higher colour temperature is more suitable for this design.
  • Use indirect lighting (light bounces off the ceiling) to complete the luxury vibe and minimize temporary blindness when you turn on your bathroom lights late at night.

Bundle Dimensions:

  • Small: 6 ft (Length) x 5 ft (Width) x 9 ft (Height)
  • Large: 8 ft (Length) x 6 ft (Width) x 9 ft (Height)
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