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Urban design style is the ultimate epitome of cosmopolitan living. Urban style is a concoction of contemporary, modern and industrial – catered towards sophisticated city dwellers. With the marblesque walls and concrete-like floor, this design serves as a personal canvas to express one’s refinement. If you are an urban dweller looking for a bathroom design to express your urbanity, look no further and get this unique design today!

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Concept Details

Layout Plan

Designer Tips:

  • DO NOT use bright tones as it will disrupt the urban vibe of the design
  • Lucky bamboo plant is an inexpensive decor that enhances this design’s elegance. (Low-light environment is required)
  • Make personal statements in this design by adding a contemporary art piece to add a layer of sophistication.

Bundle Dimension

  • 30 sqft: 6ft (Length) x 5ft (Width) x 9ft (Height)
  • 48 sqft: 8ft (Length) x 6ft (Width) x 9ft (Height)
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