Quick-Guide to a Comfy Bedroom

Quick-Guide to a Comfy Bedroom

Good sleep is one of the key pillars to living a healthy, well-balanced lifestyle. But did you know that how you decorate and furnish your bedroom can also affect your psychological and emotional state as well?

Whether you are looking to furnish a new bedroom or spruce up an existing one, there are actually quite a few things you need to keep in mind. It can often get confusing, especially when you’re not quite sure where to start!

Check out our top 3 tips to reach the perfect combination of style and comfort for your bedroom:

Know Your Bed Sizes

There’s nothing worse than picking out all your furniture and décor for your bedroom, only to realise that your bed took up too much space!

When planning your bedroom floor-plan, make sure you know your bed’s size and how much space it would take up in your room before purchasing your other furnishings. After all, the bed is the key piece of the bedroom and should take priority in your planning.

To get a better idea of the different bed mattresses there are in the market, check out the comparison chart below:

Essential Furniture for a Comfy Bedroom

There’s more to a bedroom than just the bed itself!

While everyone knows that a bed is a key element in any bed chamber, there is a whole range of other furniture out there which can help inspire an air of comfort, relaxation and even privacy.

These include:

Nightstands – Allows you easy access to all your favourite books, phones, night-lamp, etc. Some also come with small storage spaces to store any items and prevent your room from getting messy.

Sliding Wardrobe – A great place to stash your ironed clothes, dresses and private objects. You can also customise it to include a mirror to make sure you look good before heading out.

Recliner Chair – A comfy single-person sofa chair in a warm corner of the room to stretch your legs and be your personal reading corner. Great for when you just want a little ‘me time’ to yourself in the privacy of your bedroom.

Carpet – Adds another soft touch into your bedroom which will delight your feet. Can also be used to prevent scratches on your bedroom floor from standing tables or bedframes.

Storage Dresser – You can never go wrong with extra storage! A dresser is a key bedroom piece that you can use to stash folded clothes and other items to prevent your room from becoming messy.

Pick a Matching Colour Palette

Colours play a big part in the psychology of your home.

Bright colours, such as white and yellow, reflect a lot of light and can make your room seem cheerier, brighter and warmer.
Darker colours, such as maroon and grey, tend to make a room look cosier and more modern.

When picking a colour palette for your bedroom, you have to consider all the elements you can play with, including wall-paint and furniture. Once you have decided on a colour palette, you can start looking for furniture and paint that can fit your final decision.

Not sure how to put together a colour palette? Here’s one method you can follow:

And those are our 3 tips to setting up the perfect bedroom!

Designing the interior of a bedroom, or any other room in your home, can be a tough process. Having a solid plan of action before you spend any money to buy furniture or paints will help prevent any regrets later on.

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