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Modern Cottage

Cottage defined as a typically small house. In modern usage, a cottage is usually a modest, often cosy dwelling, typically in a rural/ semi-rural location. Cottage design is all about creating eclectic simplicity with its clean looks and unique touches of aesthetics. Comes with a neutral base and clean white are the standard with some visual interest to the neutral foundation to create a visual warmth and cosy environment. Cottage design is all about creating light, bright, and airly spaces where placing a blind at the window frames is an easy way to achieve this aesthetics purposes and to allow for a refreshing breeze through the interior spaces. The accessorises and green element is also the important element to visually improved the aesthetics value for the interior spaces. Cottage design has been around for ages. This traditional take on shabby chic was the perfect choices for creating a relaxing haven away from the stress of everyday life, if you are ready to have your own interior feel like your own personal oasis, just let’s go for this choice of design for your bathroom!

Concept Details

Layout Plan


  • 2200mm (Length) x 3200mm (Width) x 2700mm (Height)
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