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The New Black

At first glance, this modern tropical design exudes a vibrant and soothing ambience, comparable to a tropical beach setting. The tropical style is well-captured through the contrasting colour elements of deep, rich colours and light, bright colours harmonized with natural rock-like tiles. This combination results in a light and airy interior space. Upgrade your bathroom to this design today and create your own oasis at home!

Concept Details

Layout Plan

Description & Designer Tips

  • Deep, rich coloured decor/accessories, like forest green or ocean blue, complements this design well.
  • Rattan laundry baskets fit this ambience better than plastic ones. Additionally, they are more environmentally friendly too!

Bundle Dimensions

  • Small: 6 ft (Length) x 5 ft (Width) x 9 ft (Height)
  • Large: 6 ft (Length) x 5 ft (Width) x 9 ft (Height)

Note: Width of feature wall is 90cm

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