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Black is Back

In recent years, black has been making a comeback in interior design and are often reflected in high-end contemporary designs (think Marquina and Portoro marble). This contemporary design utilizes contrasting colours (dark wall tiles with light grey floor tiles) to create an elegant and welcoming atmosphere. The dark wall complements bold and expressive decor (especially crimson red) as it helps the viewer to focus their eye towards the decor. If you are renovating your guest bathroom and looking to impress, this is an ideal choice!

Concept Details

Layout Plan

Description & Designer Tips

  • Use shiny metalic fixtures to complement the look. Bonus style points for copper/gold coloured metal.
  • If you are planning to use wood elements, use rich dark wood tones. Using reclaimed/salvaged wood will add depth sophistication.
  • LED light strips can be added behind the mirror or under cabinets to enhance the luxurious feel.
  • LED light strips are relatively inexpensive and doesn’t consume a lot of electricity too.

Bundle Dimensions

  • Small: 6 ft (Length) x 5 ft (Width) x 9 ft (Height)
  • Large: 8 ft (Length) x 6 ft (Width) x 9 ft (Height)
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