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Minimalistic Luxury

In minimalism, less is more; In this design, less is more luxurious.
Elegance, the adjective commonly used to describe the beauty of luxury, is all about capturing beauty through simplicity.
This design uses white marble-like tiles for its feature wall while keeping the rest of the wall plain to accentuate the marble veins.
Light grey tiles are used for the floor to create depth while tying the whole design together.
If you are looking for a timeless, luxurious bathroom to refresh your mind and soul, you have found it!

Concept Details

Layout Plan

Design Tips:

  • A statement art piece can be added to the feature wall to add personality to the room
  • Avoid adding too many statement pieces as it will ruin the minimalistic theme.
  • If possible, frame your art piece with a matte black frame to complement the elegant atmosphere.
  • As both feature walls and statement pieces are eye-catching, it would be optimal to hang your statement piece on the feature wall.
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